wood wool slab decking for flat roofs

Flat roofs - GUPEA

The design and construction of flat roofs with their associated. parapets is d. etailecl. ... brickwork, concrete, wood--wool slabs and. asbestos-cement. B. Wrought...

Roof Systems Manual - Kattoliitto

Roof decking. 9 ... Fastening to timber decking 15 ... Fastening to insulation slabs 15 ..... 1) Hard mineral wool or appropriate building board to be installed over .... produced with a wooden float, also ...... welted seams or flat sheetmetal roof-.

Stramit Board or Straw Board - YouTube

Oct 20, 2012 ... We only come across Stramit board occasionally now,back in the 90 we replaced lots of old flat roofs with new EPDM flat roofs, when we...

Flat Roof Deck Types & Design Guides - Bauder

The surface should be wood float finished and the slab allowed to cure thoroughly and dry out to provide a suitable surface to ... OSB used for flat roof decking should be type OSB/3 or OSB/4, conforming to BS EN 300:1997. ... Woodwool slabs.

the householder's guide to flat roofing - NFRC

In a flat roof, the waterproofing is always supported by a structural roof deck. ..... example cork or wool-fibre soft-board) if bitumen felt is to be laid over it. ... concrete slabs laid on pads – these are very heavy, so the roof must be designed to take...

ROOFING - Mastic Asphalt Council

It should be taken into account that other flat roofing materials .... Roof decks of wood wool slabs should be formed from slabs conforming to. Type SB of BS...

Paroc Flat Roofs

The PAROC® flat roof programme is .... Fire insulation: PAROC® Stone wool ... steel sheet, or a separate slab placed ..... 100 mm light weight concrete 500, roof membrane 1.00 Steel sheet/wood, 50 ..... with concrete or steel deck as a load-.

Woodwool Slabs - HDM

His mas ter's the sis dealt with wa ter leak age in flat roofs in Tu ni sia, and he wrote a Build ing Is sue on the topic in 1989. He is the house ex pert ... ther mal in su la tion as 100 mm of wood wool slab re quires about 4 m nat u ral stone, 1.8 m ...

Insulation systems for flat roof - Foamglas

ticular the flat roof – should provide protection against cold, heat and rain .... larly found on industrial roofs with steel decking. Compact Roof ... FOAMGLAS® application Roof insulation, about 240 m2, T4+ slabs. Tapered Roof ..... 8 Wood- block pavement ...... wool) and 53 232 points (XPS) for an identical U-value (see table).

GreenSpec: Housing Retrofit: Concrete Flat Roof Insulation

The techniques of concrete flat roof retro-insulation are essential knowledge be able to design and specify correctly. ... Housing Retrofit: Gas fuelled space & water heating · Housing Retrofit: Wood fuel ... The roof deck is kept warm through placing the insulation above it. ... Mineral wool slab (adhered / mechanically fixed )*.

INVERTED ROOF (timber) - NHBC Campaigns

mastic asphalt (BS 6925), 20mm thick on the flat, laid on sheathing felt (Class 4 in BS ... Woodwool slabs, Type SB, 51, 51, 51.

flat roof design considerations - Bauder

1 Flat Roof Construction Types. 04. 2 Insulation and ... between the insulation and the underside of the roof deck to prevent the .... Woodwool Slabs. When using...

New EPDM flat roof over new decking - YouTube

Dec 26, 2010 ... Here you can start to see the buildup of the complete new flat roof including the decking and insulation. Thermal bridging thought the joists is...

Woodwool - Sandberg LLP

It was used generally during the 1960s to provide insulation often at roof level ... Woodwool boards were used both as a permanent shuttering to flat slabs but...

Guidance Flat Roof Deck - BuildingRegs4Plans

The material used for the roof deck must be moisture resistant and will usually be plywood, OSB or timber boards although concrete and woodwool slab or...

Celotex TD4000 Flat Roof Insulation with exterior grade plywood

These boards offer a quick and easy way to achieve effective thermally insulated flat roof decks for building structures such as small extensions or garage roofs...

What is Woodwool and is it Safe? - Sustainable Build

Jun 2, 2017 ... This answers the question about the building material woodwool: what ... to slabs to be used in decking, insulating boards and even roof slabs.

How do I insulate a flat roof? - SuperHomes

Warm deck flat roof insulation is now the standard way to insulate a flat roof – click to enlarge ... Wood fibre batts (adhered / mechanically fixed), 300, 0.22. 400, 0.17. 500, 0.15. Mineral wool slab (adhered / mechanically fixed), 150, 0.22.

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See more ideas about Flat roof, Decks and Green roofs. ... How to construct a traditional wood plank deck over sloping or uneven surfaces with a pedestal...

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