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Making Concrete Subfloors Suitable for Use As Finished Flooring

Concrete floors and subfloors can be repaired using a few different options, including troweled micro-toppings to heavier self-leveling treatments. Concrete floors and subfloors can be repaired using a few different options, including troweled micro-toppings to ...

What is a cheaper alternative to a cement patio? | Yahoo Answers

What is a cheaper alternative to a cement patio? I want a patio but cement is so expensive. Is there something that can be done that looks good and doesn't cost as much ...

12 Deck and Patio Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

Creating an enviable deck or patio doesn’t have to break the bank. Sure, dropping tens of thousands on your outdoor space will yield some incredible results, but with a little elbow grease and some thrift, you can create a unique escape that will take your neighbors breath away. Here are 12 deck

Alternatives to a concrete patio |

Inherently permanent and difficult to "do-it-yourself," a concrete slab patio isn't for everyone. Alternatives to concrete patios include paving materials that are affordable and accessible to novice builders. The installation of many popular and attractive patio floor materials requires only dry

Alternatives to Concrete Steps | Home Guides | SF Gate

Whether it's your front door, your patio or a slope in your garden, there's likely some spot on your property that requires steps. Concrete is often used for outdoor steps because it offers a durable, non-slip surface -- but not always the most decorative look or the ...

Gigacrete: An Alternative to Concrete | TreeHugger

We have never been fond of concrete for single family residential uses; there is too much gravel excavation, carbon released making cement, transport of a heavy, marginally recyclable material to house a couple of people. Yet there is something to be

Cheap Alternatives to Flagstone Patios |

Cheap Alternatives to Flagstone Patios Cheap Alternatives to Flagstone Patios March 29, 2011 By: Jennifer Blair Share ... The benefit of a stamped concrete patio is that it is stronger than real flagstone and -- because it is one large sheet -- you will not have to ...

Green Patio Options: Brick, Stone, Gravel, Concrete and Recycled Materials

Adding a pathway or patio to your outdoor living area? Earth-friendly landscaping choices allow you to create a safe, healthy environment for your family and pets, as well as for birds, insects and area wildlife. Most patios are made from concrete, cement or asphalt, with chemically treated lumber

Cost effective alternatives to concrete for patios/driveway?

We've got an old driveway, and front and rear patios that are in pretty bad shape. But we've got a lot of other repair work we've got to do and are trying to keep costs down. The best estimate we've gotten to replace all of this concrete is still very expensive. Wondering ...

Alternatives to Pavers | Home Guides | SF Gate

Pavers are not your only option for creating paths in your garden or elsewhere. You can use other materials to make paths and walkways. Some alternatives to pavers have benefits, such as being made of recycled materials or providing better drainage than pavers.

Alternatives to Concrete Stamping | In Decorative Concrete

Alternatives to concrete stamping is a process is called concrete stenciling, also done in fresh concrete. Learn more about the process. ... Concrete Stencils Instead of Stamps to Create Beautiful Decorative Concrete by Steve VandeWater Nowadays, many people ...

9 alternatives to a traditional pathway - Yahoo

Concrete is the most commonly chosen material for a front walk. It is quick and relatively inexpensive to ... decomposed granite, and a hybrid of crushed stone and polymer are inexpensive alternatives to an expansive pathway. Typically found in bridle paths, this ...

What's the most eco-friendly alternative to a garden patio? | Leo Hickman | Environment | The Guardian

Our patio is made of ageing concrete slabs which need replacing. We would like to use materials that are more eco-friendly, allow water to drain freely, are attractive and not expensive. We can lay it ourselves to keep the cost down. The patio doors are our only access from the back of the house so

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